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HEllo, I'm
Puneet Kardam

UI/UX Designer / Entrepreneur


  • Name: Puneet Kardam
  • Email: puneetkardam102@gmail.com
  • Phone: +91 7042183689
  • Date of birth: 02 July 1990
  • Address: Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • Nationality: Indian

Professional Profile

Hello I am Puneet Kardam - I am a creative graphic designer and entrepreneur for the past 12 years I have been creating products and building teams in various project in different sectors.

I am based in Delhi NCR and I have how varied range of experience working with corporate sector, startups as well as NGOs. During the course of this Journey, I realized that my true potential lies in building teams, meeting people, problem solving and contributing towards overall business growth. Currently I am working on my new startup of creative agency named MegCreatives

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Just My Awesome Skills

As a professional graphic designer and a career driven individual I have mastered designing skills including website templates product presentation logo creation, marketing materials like flyers, brochures, hoardings, Video editing, Motion Graphics. I can help you cover most of your digital managing and marketing demands

As a self-motivated creative designer, I possess a wide spectrum of abilities that combine innovative art and design principles in addition to that my expert knowledge of Adobe creative suite along with my problem-solving skills play a crucial role in the implementation of your design initiatives

Creative Design

Expert, 12 years

Digital Art

Advanced, 5 years

Video Editing

Expert, 8 years

Digital Marketing

Expert, 3 years


During the course of my career including building my own enterprise, I have learnt to integrate innovation and create simple yet elegant design suited for customer satisfaction.

With a keen interest and focus the prime purpose of my work has always been to acquire knowledge that deliver projects which are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and suited to customer needs

It includes
  • Creativity
  • Typography
  • Interactive media
  • Grid and layouts
  • Social Media Creatives
  • Marketing Collatrals
  • Web Templates
  • App Design
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Digital Painting
  • Good sense of Typography
  • Motion Graphics
  • App Promo
  • Product Promo
  • Video Editing

Software Skills

A demonstrated history of my work as a professional graphic designer it is mandatory do have a clear and up to date knowledge of the software used for the purpose.

As a dedicated, tech-savvy entrepreneur, I am proficient in latest and widely used graphic designing software tools which includes

Illustrator advanced
After Effects
Premiere Pro


12 Years Experience!

With a total experience of 12 years, I have worked with a perfect blend of experience and highly skilled individuals creating a challenging and motivating environment for my development and growth as a graphic designer leading to self-start my own enterprise using all my skills and experience to provide state of art digital solution to our valued clientele

Meginfo India LLP


2022 - Till

Meginfo India LLP: Meg India is a brand that fulfil all your need, want and Desire in Clothing and Accessories, which specially focused on Make in India, Made for India, And make for the world. Based in Delhi NCR, Meg India is a brand new company bringing fresh fashion especially for you in both traditional and Western clothing for men and women.

Myra Enterprises


2019 - Till

* Started my Own Startup Digital Marketing services in Apr- 2019 and Liasoning Service.

* Finally Setting up a new creative Agency called MegCreatives.

MegCreatives: A digital agency based in Delhi NCR providing creative solution like digital marketing Web Development media and PR.

Inox Leisure Limited

Sr. Graphic Designer

Apr-2018 - Aug-2019

* Worked with Marketing teams.

* Created unique pieces while maintaining established branding.

* Led a creative team.

* Handle marketing campaign for movie promotion in theaters design for movies schedule, food and beverages creative for inox movie theater for north region.

Freelance Work:

* Worked as an independent designer.

* Handel International Projects.

* Handle social media and worked with Several International NGO.

* Led Campaign for outreach of awareness Programs.

Karbonn Mobiles

Sr. Graphic Designer

Jul-2017 - Jul-2019

* Worked with marketing team.

* Handled marketing campaign for product sales, social media handle marketing collateral activities.

* Lead creative teams.

* Collaborate with the team to establish needs and designs.


Graphic Designer

May-2014 - Jul-2017

* Created campaign creatives and content designs.

* Worked in communication team.

* Prepared illustrations and layouts and discuss with clients making necessary changes

* Handle social media.

* Later promoted to Champaign support officer

Designation: Campaign support Officer

* Worked with various campaign as well as a designer for communication

* Created products for various campaign like Animal Rights, eyes wide open, Don’t Get Milked, Ban Circus association with Peta and PFA etc.

DND Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

Creative Designer

Aug-2012 - Jul-2014

* Worked in sales and marketing team.

* Created designs and concepts and sample layout based on knowledge of layouts and esthetics design concept for IT and web solution.

Prime Focus Limited

Visual Effects Artist

Mar-2011 - Jun-2012

Stereoscopy Artist

* Worked as a stereoscopy artist in VFX team

* Worked in various projects for national as well as international products

* Structured and created various components and effects

* Collaborated with different specialist improving existing components as well as developing new ones.

Worked as a VFX artist

* Applied professional knowledge and experience in order to create and timely deliver test products.

* Worked on Bollywood as well as Hollywood projects.

* Actively participated in team meetings.


Just My Education

After completion of my schooling, I completed by Bachelors in Arts from Monad University. While studying I discovered my interest in creative design. I was always interested in art like sketching, drawing, etc. as well as latest technology. Both art and technology fascinated me and thus I decided to make a career out of it. So, I studied diploma graphic designing and VFX. The entire course felt so close to me that I decided to go forward in my career in the field. Apart from my diploma I constantly chiseled my skills by learning from experts and doing my own research online. I worked in a number of companies and after 12 yrs. of experience finally opening my own enterprise

Monad University

Bachelor of Arts

2012 - 2015
Monad University is anticipated to be the next biggest university not only in the city but the world encouraging personal growth, efficacy in life and public welfare

Visual Art & Design

2009 - 2011
Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, which is one of the leading training institutes for high-end 3D Animation and Visual Effects. MAAC provides real-time training environment to students with latest technology intriguing my interest in not only learning but also innovating ideas


I completed my basic schooling from Dehradun Public School which is one of the top CBSE affiliated school in the area.


My portfolio features a variety of projects and services

The journey of my career has been challenging, interesting and rewarding. At a very young age I discovered my passion for creatives. After completing my academics, I grabbed every single opportunity which can help with my growth creatives from working in a wide range of companies starting from well-established to Startups, corporate to NGOs and finally to opening my own company. I brushed my skills at every chance including courses, online research and learning from experts I have mastered designing skills including website templates product presentation logo creation, marketing materials like flyers, brochures, hoardings, Video editing, Motion Graphics. My career has surely been a roller coaster and now that I have started my own startup call my MegCreatives. I still look forward to learn, grow and make my valuable contribution into the industry, other sectors as well as society. Kindly check out my journey in detail in the portfolio. Thank you


Let's Keep In Touch

I believe you have been through the website and I hope you liked it. Thank you for your valuable time, if you feel my journey and hard work is worth of your time and my design and work piqued your interest at any level, please drop a message we look forward to work with you. When given a chance we promise of meet your expectations and if you are interested in working with us and be part of our team or just wish to connect to learn more, you are welcome to connect with us on below contacts

Any Advice/Suggestion/positive criticism is welcomed

Puneet Kardam
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad,
Uttar Pradesh.
+91 7042183689

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